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Top 10 sewing tips for beginners

1. Start with an easy project. Build up your skills and confidence as you go. You'll get there!

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2. Read the instructions before you start. Who reads instructions these days? People that don't want to spend all day unpicking! 

3. Make sure you've got the correct type of fabric and needle for your project. Different fabrics behave in different ways (drape/ insulation etc). Needles have different thicknesses and sharpness to help them pierce different fabrics. With the wrong needle you could end up with large holes, wonky stitches, broken needles, the list goes on...

Sewing thread

4. Check the needle and the thread - Most common sewing machine problems are caused by a blunt/bent/incorrect needle or an issue with the thread. If there's a tangle on the bottom of the fabric, reload your spool! If there's a tangle on the top, reload your bobbin. If you've got odd looking stitches, check and reinsert the needle. 

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5. Make a toile (a test version) out of cheaper fabric first. You can make any tweaks needed before committing to your final version.

Sewing tips for beginners

6. Measure twice, cut once. Always double check that it's right before cutting into your fabric.

Measure twice, cut once

7. Practise makes perfect. Keep trying different projects and you'll learn lots of new sewing techniques.

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8. Mistakes lead to success. There are so many things that can go wrong and sometimes they inevitably will but that's okay, it's all part of gaining experience and making progress. If a project doesn't go to plan and you feel deflated, move onto a super easy project that you've made before to keep your sew-jo flowing.

9. Organise your sewing space. An organised sewing space is inviting and can inspire you to get sewing. Spend your time sewing, not rummaging around for lost items. 

Sewing organisation

10. Look after your machine. Lint and dust will gather inside your machine, under the needle plate (where the bobbin lives). Use a small lint brush to gently remove the build up to avoid stitching problems. Check your sewing machine manual to find out where the machine will need oiling and do so accordingly and get it serviced by a professional every now and then to ensure everything is tickety-boo.

How to clean your sewing machine

What are your favourite sewing tips and tricks?


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