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Sewing Pick 'n' Mix - Creative Thoughts Pack

Sewing Pick 'n' Mix - Creative Thoughts Pack

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This a fun sewing pick 'n' mix for sewists. It's a special treat with a customisable twist!

Choose your favourite items to build your own sewing selection and enjoy exclusive perks with it.   

1. Use the drop-down menu to choose 3 items that you wish to receive. 

2. We'll add some free surprise items that we think you'll love. (These will vary depending on what we have in stock). 

3. Bonus: Receive 20% off 2 metres of fabric that you purchase at the same time as your Creative Thoughts Pick 'n' Mix Pack.      

Create the things you love! 


* The Creative Thoughts Pack is a one-off purchase (no monthly commitments- Yay!). It's ready to be posted to you.

* Options and surprise items are subject to change at any given moment. Browse available items using the drop-down menu. Get your favourites before they're gone!

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