Hello and welcome, I'm Sarah the founder of Sewjo Box. 

Sewjo Box is an online sewing shop that I started in 2019, it specialises in mystery boxes for sewists. Customers receive boxes filled with goodies to inspire them to explore a combination of different items, all from the comfort of their own home.

It's a fantastic way to enjoy a treat and at the same time challenge yourself to create items that you can cherish. By sewing your own items you'll get satisfaction and appreciation for the time and effort that goes into making garments and accessories - There's love in every stitch.

I love to sew and enjoy surprising like minded sewists with a beautiful selection of sewing items that are inspirational, challenging and fun so that you never lose you sew-jo!

The company mission is:
"To inspire customers to unleash their creativity, try new sewing projects and have fun sharing photos, tips & tricks from their sewing journey".

Sewing subscription craft box

(This photo shows the first sample mystery box).


The 3 Secret Ingredients:

1. Sewjo Box is very much a customer led business, it's a community. Share your thoughts and help shape the future of Sewjo Box.

2. I believe strongly in making items in quality materials that will last. I source a variety of quality products from across the globe based upon customer feedback to curate inspirational sewing packages.

3. Now this would really be telling. I'm afraid you'll have to try us and figure out the third and most important ingredient for yourself.