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Mermaid Magic - DIY Needle Minder & Pin Cushion fabric panel plus Sewing Room Decor

Mermaid Magic - DIY Needle Minder & Pin Cushion fabric panel plus Sewing Room Decor

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DIY sewing project:

Introducing the Sewing Machine Needle Minder - the perfect solution for organizing and storing your sewing machine needles between uses! Say goodbye to needle chaos and confusion by making your very own needle sorter.     

Organization Made Easy: With the printed grid system, this cushion provides plenty of space to accommodate various needle sizes and types. From universal to microtex, ball point to quilting, leather to stretch, and more – this Needle Minder will keep your needle collection organized and readily accessible.

Pin Marking System: To enhance your needle organization further, use the pin marking system. When you take a needle out of the cushion to use in your sewing machine, simply place a pin in its spot to mark its position. This way, you’ll always know which needle is currently in your machine, preventing mix-ups and ensuring optimal needle selection for each project.

Easy Needle Identification: The markings on sewing machine needles can be tiny and hard to read. Once you remove the needles from their original packaging, it can be difficult to determine which type of needle it is. By storing your needles in the needle sorter cushion, you won’t have this problem. No more straining your eyes or playing the guessing game! Each needle will be clearly visible and identifiable, making it a breeze to select the right needle for your sewing machine.

Secure Needle Storage: The Needle Minder fabric will provide a natural cotton blend surface to hold your needles firmly in place, preventing them from slipping or falling out. Its cushioned design ensures that the needle tips remain protected, preventing accidental damage.

Time-Saving Convenience: By keeping your sewing machine needles organized in the Needle Minder, you’ll save valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching for the right needle. With a quick glance, you can easily identify and select the perfect needle for your next project, enabling you to dive into your sewing projects quickly.

Save Money: By keeping your sewing machine needles safely stored in the Needle Organizer, you’ll avoid the need to purchase extra needles that you don’t need. No more misplaced or forgotten needles that require replacements. This smart storage solution helps you save money by keeping your needles organized and in one place for when you need them.

Unleash your creativity unhindered by misplaced needles. Keep your needles at the ready for whenever inspiration strikes. This Needle Minder fabric panel comes paired with a stunning Pin Cushion fabric panel. Once completed each one will measure approximately 5”x 5”.

Three lovely A4 sewing prints are included to brighten your sewing space and keep you motivated. Should you require assistance to get started with your sewing project, instructions are conveniently printed on the reverse side.


In this bundle, you will receive:

Needle Minder & Pin Cushion fabric panel 

3 x A4 sewing prints with instructions printed on the reverse


Please note: The DIY fabric panel is designed specifically for you to sew at home, not a completed item. **Stuffing not included.     

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